Why Choose WAS?

Schools choose WAS for health benefits because they want someone who understands both the needs of schools and the health benefits industry. See what else we have to offer below.


Our plan is over 35 years old and has had minimal rate increases over the life of the plan. In fact, since 2001 the average rate of increase is only 5.21%! Plus, plan rates are set by members, and any school district that joins the plan is a member of the board.


As a member of the board, you have a direct impact on plan designs. These are created at the board level, so the board can customize and tailor benefits to best meet the needs of our members. Working as a team, we have the flexibility to adjust and adapt custom plans to integrate HSA and HRA plans to one administrator.


A self-funded cooperative plan offers a number of advantages

  • Relief from higher state premium taxes.
  • Paying less for adminstration fees
  • Trust income to help pay claims

And by becoming your own insurance plan, you can cut adminstrative overhead and insurance company profits! We are able to keep pharmacy rebates retained by the plan thanks to lower operating costs.

Level Premiums

The Western Area School Health Benefit Plan has a large number of members for pooled funding, so all members share risk claim costs that directly impact plan premiums.

Third-Party Administrator (TPA)

An experienced and well-respected TPA firm provides day-to-day adminstration involving eligibility and claims.


Members are kept informed of federal and state changes.


Members have a choice when it comes to plans for their employees. Plus, we offer a broader choice of providers compared to for-profit plans.

Ancillary Services

The TPA offers Flexible Spending Acccounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and Health Savings Accounts; it also provides COBRA, IMRF, and HIPAA adminstration.

Pharmacy & PPO

The plan is strengthened by the use of a nationally recognized drug card company and PPO network.

Our Team

Our plan professionals include a benefits attorney, trust officer, enrolled actuary, and a large brokerage firm. Together, they provide diverse views and solutions to help the board make informed decisions in your best interest.